for who lives in Iwakuni


Reko stands for ‘Fair Consumption’ and is a trade model originally created in Finland.

In short, it is a Facebook-based pre-ordering system for local products.

Imagine being able to shop for fresh, local and ethical produce from the comfort of your own home , whilst supporting small-scale producers?

All of this is possible!  Simply join our Reko Ring Iwakuni on Facebook and place your order by commenting on the producer’s post.

From here, you will be able to place and pick up orders weekly at our designated pick-up spot at a designated time.

How Reko Ring Works

Every week (Mon/Wed) you have the chance to order what you’d like. The week’s offerings are posted on Reko Ring Iwakuni facebook group. There are two farmer and restaurant(bakery). For each vendor, you comment what you want on their offering post and they tell you your total. Farmer deliver items to pick up point at 4pm on Thursdays and then you schedule a pick up with her. You then prepay by hand-to-hand, NavyFed, or Paypal (to pick up point manager).
Sometimes, delivery schedule changes on Tuesday.


We are producers in Iwakuni and Hikari. Farmers grow their products without pesticides. The restaurant cooks with the farmer’s vegetables and fruits. We want you to eat delicious local food.

monte e mare

Chef Tatsuya Zama cooks Outrageous food.

Check Instagram monte e mare


They make figs, honey, carrots, potatoes, turmeric and vegetables. They may sell vegetables and fig smoothies on the farm.

Check their homepage and Instagram.


We makes many kind of vegetables.

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